Cyclone Energy Services

When Safety Matters,
Go with Vic-Lok Shackles

The engineering and metallurgical makeup of the Vic-Lok shackle is formulated with durability and saltwater intrusion in mind, the two most common factors that determine the lifespan of any shackle. The Vic-Lok Shackle is manufactured in the USA and has been approved by many oilfield service companies as well as the major oil companies.

Before and After Vic Lok Captivation
Vic Lok I
Vic Lok I Captivated Shackle
Vic Lok II
Vic Lok II Captivated Shackle
Benefits of Vic-Lok Shackles

  • Safety - It’s impossible to mix different sizes of shackles on the same sling.
  • Captivation – The shackle is self-captivated to the sling and cannot be removed without destroying or cutting.
  • The shackle cannot get tangled with the eye of the sling or reversed and upset into the thimble eye of a sling.
  • A flat surface is provided for low stress stamping purposes.
  • RFID chip can be embedded into one side of the crossbar for field identification purposes.
  • An eyelet is forged onto the body so that a wire lanyard can be attached to connect the bolt with the body of the shackle.
  • A pic code is stamped on each individual pin as well as forged and embedded letters on the body of the shackle.
  • Meets the performance requirements of Federal Specification RR-C271D Type IVB, Grade A.
  • Meets and exceeds ASME B30.26.
  • Heat treated and zinc chromate coated.
  • All shackles have a 5:1 design factor.
  • Safest design since shackles were invented.


Examples of Modern Captivation

Captivation with thimble easily removed
Captivation with thimble easily removed with hammer in 3 seconds
Captivation with wire easily removed
Captivation with wire easily removed with wire cutters in 2 seconds
Non-removable captivation
Non-removable captivation – Safest Option